Children’s book “Phoney Frances” illustrates quality time without a cell phone.

Goose Garland’s new children’s book Phoney Frances illustrates some real dangers of using a cell phone and shows what quality time looks like without the use of a device.

Book description: Frances plays with her mom’s cell phone and loses track of it during a visit to the zoo. An unexpected, and hilarious impostor picks up the phone and makes a lot of trouble for Frances. Frances quickly realizes that taking care of a cell phone is a big responsibility and that playing without a device may actually be the ultimate reward.

Moses Halitosis – A fun way to motivate kids to brush.

Motivate kids to brush their teethMoses has some unusual pets that live in his mouth. He loves them and wants to take good care of them. Unfortunately, he decides that throwing away his toothbrush is the best way to do that. Find out what happens when his pets have to live in the icky sticky mess that gets created. This unique story explains to children in a humorous way that the consequences of not brushing their teeth are serious, negatively affecting others and themselves as well.

What American town is depicted in Moses Halitosis? Illustrations of Columbia, Missouri are part of the background and include the water tower on Walnut Street, Boone County Court House, Boone County Court House Columns, the Fifth and Walnut Garage, Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area Skate Park, and Carousel Playschool.